Trekking In Garhwal

Garhwal lies in the centre of the Indian Himalaya. In the Hindu scriptures spiritual tranquility is always associated with these snowy mountains and there are numerous popular Hindu shrines located in Garhwal. North Garhwal consists of peaks such as Kamet (7756m/25447ft) and Mukut Parvat (7242m/23761ft). Many other high peaks here have not been climbed.

Large glaciers such as the Bhagirath Kharak and the Arwa valleys have several peaks, including the Chaukhamba group, Kunaling and the Arwa Tower. The Hindu temple of Badrinath also attracts many pilgrims to this region.

'The Slabs' are the first of the challenges, where downward-sloping rocky slabs make for a precarious crossing.

Garhwal - Best Time to Visit

The optimal timing for our trekking trips is between May 1st and June 30th and between September 1st and October 15th. Both seasons have their attractions. During the month of May the spring flowers bloom at the margins of the snowline while the weather is generally settled barring the occasional pre monsoon storm that can blow up at any time. Day time temperatures can rise to the mid 20s even at altitudes while at night they can fall to 0 degrees C. The post monsoon season is a time of settled weather with clear views of the mountains.

Day time temperatures will still be quite warm, upto 20 degrees C during the middle of the day, however at night the temperatures will occasionally drop below 0 degrees C.