Trekking Insurance

Trekking in the Nanda Devi region is a strenuous actvity and all trekkers are advised to ensure for themselves that they are medically fit before they opt to trek in this region. As a matter of precaution we advise that all foreign participants must be adequately insured before arriving in India.

The medical insurance policy must be obtained from an established international insurance company that has a corresponding handling agent in India (for example, Thomas Cook).

The policy must cover medical and personal accidents including the cost of air evacuation from high attitudes and subsequent medical treatmement. Given the high cost of air evacuation in the Indian Himalaya, we advise all trekkers to obtain medical insurance covers of at least US$ 50000 (Fifty Thousand Dollars) per person for their period of stay in India.

In addition all participants are advised to submit to us upon arrival in India an appropriate medical fitness certificate obtained from a registered medical practitioner in the country of their origin indicating that the individual is fit to go on a high altitude trek, and that he/she has no physical and medical disabilities that would limit him/her from trekking.

In ordet to ensure speedy and timely help during an emergency in a trek, we have contracted Goodmans Rescue to handle all road and air evacutaion cases on our behalf.

For more details viewers are advised to visit Although accidents are rare but if something happens, then it must be noted that initially it is difficult to land a helicopter at high altitudes such as Pachu, Milam or Ralam Glacier and an accident victim is generally first brought down to the hellipad at Munsiyari for transfer to a hospital in Delhi.

Indian trekkers are advised to co-ordinate with Goodmans Rescue for obtaining suitable medical insurance covers while deciding to visit the Nanda Devi region.